"Make stuff Love life" Stamped Butter Knife Necklace

$ 32.00

Make Stuff. Love Life. Makers gonna make. Lovers gonna love. Why not do both?

Antique silver plate butter knives are hand cut, hammered, each letter is individually stamped and then oxidized.  Each blade varies in shape and hangs on soldered link silver plated chain with hardware swivel and is available in many lengths. 14", 16", 18", 20" Choker length (14"-16") is most popular. Choose from small rounded or larger, more knife shaped blade. Polish with a silver cloth or a super fine steel wool to shine, or let the necklace patina naturally.

*I use antique and vintage silver plated flatware so imperfections are natural due to the nature of old things that have been loved and used well, as well as the flattening techniques I use.

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