"fuck cancer. i'm awesome" Blade Necklace

$ 32.00

This necklace came about because of my dear friend Steve. Proceeds from these necklaces will be donated to a fund set up through the Beth C. Wright Foundation.

In his words:  "For people who don't know, I got Cancer a year ago June. When I was really sick, a friend of mine made/sent me a necklace that said "fuck cancer. I'm awesome."
I carried that badge of courage secretly until I met other people who were battling cancer just like me at a LiveStrong sponsored program at the YMCA. That's when I started sharing the necklace (visually) and sometimes physically. The response I received from all of these people emanated love and "Where can I get one of those."
This love made me write the story about my cancer and the beautiful power of the necklace.
I made copies and shared the story with a lot of people. I had a strong sense that this necklace and this story could help people who are freaking out because they just found out they have cancer.
I just found out today that the local cancer helping center, BETH C WRIGHT agrees with me and they are going to start a foundation for new cancer patients who need money to get by.

Each antique butter knife is hand cut, flattened, and stamped with a word or phrase. On silver plated chain and swivel clasps. Available in chain lengths 16", 18", 20". I use antique and vintage silver plated flatware so imperfections are natural due to the nature of old things that have been loved and used well.

*specify at checkout if you want a rounded or more pointed knife

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