2 Sestras ~ Assemblage

$ 95.00

2 Sestras
Mixed media assemblage
Excavated German porcelain dolls, gilded light switch cover, knife box
Ready to hang.

Circuses have always inspired me. I imagine the colors and smells of the vintage circuses of the early half of the 20th century. The dust and the struggle, the daredevil performers and animals, fantastic costumes, and controversial side shows have always resonated with my aesthetic. I’ve been thinking about what we consider performers and performance lately, how the concept relates to our daily activity and interaction with others. We perform for each other, at bars and dinner parties, acting out roles we feel we should play, pretending, assimilating. Humans are odd creatures, and throughout history our cultivated customs and cultures have defined what is socially acceptable or not, what is beautiful and what is undesirable, and what is considered outside of the norm, dark, or strange. I have always leaned towards the peculiar and the odd, finding beauty in the soft, weird underbelly of life.

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