Foundling Collection

Excavated century old porcelain dolls from Germany and antique tin type photographs. These abandoned characters get a second chance at life through Lily In Flux. They have been called a little bit creepy, a little bit nostalgic and romantic. I tend to think they are mostly the latter, although I am certainly a fan of creepy old things.

The tin types are original photographs that were printed guessed it...Tin! They are wrapped and soldered with silver and oxidized, and then embellished. The Circus Babies are some of my favorite things to make, each doll body I find is a bit different and lends itself to the new life I give it. The first few I made felt like little circus performers, thus the name. Tiny acrobats bringing the past into the present around your neck! Some of my customers also buy them to simply hang them as tiny assemblages on display.