New graphic tees, functional spoons, show info, winter transformations... February 16, 2017 12:26

Happy Winter to all!

I've been busy reinventing some of my offerings here at Lily In Flux. This year, I've decided to add some graphic apparel to the collection, I taught myself to screenprint back in 1998 when I was living in Bar Harbor, Maine, I used the sun to expose the screens and went from there. I've made some prints over the years and I've been wanting to bring it forth into full production so here they are! Click on Apparel and shop away! I have three designs available at the moment but there are more coming along in the design tank.

I've also added some functional spoons and spreaders to the stamped collection. Whee!


I'm still lining up shows for the 2017 season, but because life matters, I have decided to cut back on shows this year. I found myself drowning in shows last year and pretty much abandoned myself and my personal life, which, as we all know, makes jack a dull boy. So look for me at some classic shows like, Summerfair Cincinnati, Ann Arbor Guild, Hyde Park Art Show, The City Flea and such. I will be listing my shows once they are nailed down. But like always, the website is a great place to shop Lily In Flux.

Cheers to the people, spread love and equality.