Shows, shows, and more shows! May 19, 2015 17:20

Whew! It's been a busy spring over here. Just finished up a run of shows, including the Wyoming Art Show, where I won two awards for the FluxBots! First place for "BettyBot" and a booth award as well. So thanks Wyoming! I'm headed to the studio to make more!

Next up: 

June 6&7 ~ Old West End Festival, Toledo Ohio

June 13 ~ Indieana Handicraft Exchange, Indianapolis IN

June 13 ~ Yellow Springs Street Fair, Yellow Springs OH

June 20 ~ The City Flea, Cincinnati OH

June 26-28 ~ ComFest, Columbus OH

July 10-13 ~ Cain Park Arts Fest, Cleveland Heights OH

July 25 ~ The City Flea, Cincinnati OH

August 15 ~ The City Flea, Cincinnati OH

August 22-23 ~ West Loop Art Show, Chicago IL

August 28-30 ~ Whispering Beard Folk Festival, Friendship IN

Hope to see you at some of these fine shows!


~Lizz, Lily In Flux